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The Camazotz Trilogy is finally done! *dances around wildly* I love my new artwork from the wonderful Cate Pepper. Her style suits my Camazotz characters so much. This is the Bloodroot flower that is a clue in the last installment – Camazotz Curse. Isn’t it pretty?

I love young adult paranormal romance, but am putting that on hold for now to work on an adult romance novel set in a traveling circus. So stay tuned for more info.

My poor TBR list is terribly neglected these days, and now I find picking my next read a little stressful – so many great books and not enough time.

Check out a recent review of Sanguine Mountain by The Red Headed Book Lover.

And Nima from That’s What I’m Talking About just reviewed Camazotz Curse.

I hope you all have as much reading time as you desire. Thanks for visiting and enjoy your next book.


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