Book Two of the Camazotz Trilogy is finally here.

Sanguine Moon is available…
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Sanguine Moon…

When Connie Phillips began keeping secrets from her adoptive parents, she was unaware of the darkness she would bring into her world. Discovering she is the daughter of a crime lord had consequences even she could never have predicted. Consequences that put her first real love—Rocks—and her adorable baby sister in mortal danger.

With many lives balanced in her hands, Connie must find a way to save Rocks’ life, while keeping his identity a secret. Navigating the antiquated ways of the Camazotz culture, while trying not to offend the colony’s leaders with her modern technology, is harder than Connie ever imagined.

When Rocks defies certain death using present-day medicine, the Camazotz are torn. If they consider modernizing, they risk discovery and subsequent extermination by the aeronaughts. But hiding away in their mountain roost has left them vulnerable to an unidentified enemy slowly picking them off one bat at a time.

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Book One of the Camazotz Trilogy!

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Sanguine Mountain…

Connie Phillips has never told a lie—until now.

An anonymous letter shatters the world Connie thought she knew and trusted.  The news that her parents aren’t really her own leaves her angry, devastated and alone.  The search for the truth leads her down a dark, desolate forest road where she meets a boy in the shadows who has a secret of his own.

Rockland’s life has been ruled by an ancient curse since the day he was born.  Forever labeled a misfit and a rebel, he is desperate to convince his leader that integration with the modern world will be the salvation of their kind—not their demise.

After their worlds collide in the middle of a dark forest, Connie and Rocks strike a deal to help each other find the answers they both need—away from her lying parents and the judgmental sneers of his colony. But, can they find love on their journey to discover who they are and where they belong in the world?

Jen's baroque swirl sml2

The incredibly talented Cate Pepper designed my gorgeous cover. I’m so excited to see it come to life finally.  If you would like Cate’s details, then head to my links page.

Here is more artwork I got commissioned for the Camazotz trilogy. Also designed by Cate Pepper – she is amazing. This design features in the story.


Book One in the Camazotz Trilogy was published on 28th February 2015.