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Find Connie and Rocks on AMAZON USA. They are also on most of the Amazon sites. Click your country: UK, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, India and Australia.

It’s also available on iTunes

My Goodreads page.  Please help an Indie author by leaving a review or star rating if you have the time.  Rockland needs some love.

Jen's baroque swirl sml2

My bat artwork was created by the incredibly talented Cate Pepper. To see more of her work, click HERE.  And if you need a graphic designer, then drop her a line.  She’s amazing.

Jen's baroque swirl sml2 If you would like to see more of CulpeoFox’s amazing artwork, then check out the deviantART page. HERE

And you can even own some of this incredible foxy art yourself available through Cafe Press. HERE